Filtration units

Air Filtration, pressure Regulation and Lubrication units (FRL)

The Filtering, pressure Regulation and Lubrication unit (FRL) is a mandatory element for a good air motor functioning, performance, service life and control. It ensures fluid (compressed air or inert gas) filtering, drying and lubrication so that the motor will be fed with a « clean » gas. It also controls the motor performances through air pressure.

The FRL unit should be installed less than 5 m upstream from the motor and should be properly dimensioned so that the flow is consistent with the motor’s consumption. Make sure that pipes and fittings are also large enough for the airflow required.

modec offers a complete range of compact and sturdy FRL, adapted to industrial environment and easy to connect. Self-relieving regulator. Lubrication with selective oil fog. Metal bowl with polypropylene oil level viewing window. Automatic oil refilling pressurized system.
Recommanded oil type : MODEC-OIL-AC149.


Input pressure max - 23 °C (Bars)16 Bars
Input pressure max - 50 °C (Bars)10 Bars
Manometer (Bars)0 Bar .. 10 Bars
Usage pressure (Bars)0.5 Bar .. 8 Bars
Usage temperature (°C)-10 °C .. 50 °C
Oil tank (cm³)40 cm³80 cm³181 cm³
Filtration5 µm
Connection (Ø)G ½G ½G ¾
Dimensions240 x 145 x 100271 x 167 x 112342 x 210 x 142
Weight (g)1.5 g2.9 g3.85 g
Compatible series 05 07 08 10 20 25 30


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