display:none;">Unités de filtration, lubrification et régulation de pression de l'air

We have a range of accessories specifically for pneumatic portable actuators designed to improve user comfort as well as the protection of both operator and equipment.


Pneumatic portable valve actuators (HL83) require dry, clean and properly lubricated air in order to work effectively. The FRL unit filters, dries and lubricates the compressed air, guaranteeing that the motor operates as  required. It also controls the air supply pressure, which in turn controls the actuator’s performance (maximum torque).

The FRL should be positioned less than 5 metres away from the tool. When selecting the FRL, check that it has a flow capacity suitable for the actuator’s requirement.

modec offers a complete range of FRL units that are compact, robust, adapted to the constraints of work sites and easy to connect. A connection kit between the FRL and the actuator is available (ref AC051) with a quick connector for more comfort.

Self-relieving regulator. Lubrication with selective oil fog. Metal bowl with oil level viewing window.

Automatic oil tank fill-in system

Recommended oil type : MODEC Co-16 oil (reference AC149).

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