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H₂0 water kit

H₂0 water kit

The water supply operator’s kit

The modec H20 kit guarantees ease, speed and safety when handling underground valves in the water industry. This kit includes accessories thought, designed and produced for operations on your water system. The MC89 battery-powered portable valve actuator contained in this kit is extremely compact and lightweight, with a torque of up to more than 900 Nm. Its two Lithium Ion batteries guarantee up to one hour of continuous use. The electronic torque limiter integrated in the actuator will allow you to easily and effectively protect your equipment from damage and prevent overheating of the actuator.

Finally, because modec focuses its expertise on safety, our H20 kit also includes two torque management systems  to protect operators in all situations and environments. All this in a sturdy and compact case that will protect your equipment, easy to carry everywhere.
The essential kit for the hydrant man!